Ever wonder where your sewage, also referred to as wastewater, goes after you flush? Not many people do, but if you're one of the curious ones, let's take a look.

Wastewater needs to be treated before we can send it back out into the world again. Treatment is another topic all together and is discussed at the TREATMENT PLANT TOUR.

If you are a customer of the South and Center Chautauqua Lake Sewer Districts (Boy, that's a long name, let's just call us SCCLSD for short from now on), which is in Southwestern New York around the beautiful Chautauqua Lake,

your sewage is collected in one of following ways. SCCLSD uses three methods for collecting domestic sewage from its customers. These methods are Gravity, the most common, Vacuum, and Grinders. These methods are usually very area specific, with some exceptions. We will get into that later. No matter what method is used for initial collection, the sewage finds its way to a treatment facility to be processed and cleaned and returned to the earth. That place is our Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Celoron, New York.

Let's discuss the three methods and how they work.