7240 Route 380
Stockton, NY  14784
Town of Stockton

This historic area of Stockton is located in the Village formerly known as Delanti. A house lot to the north was owned by Isaac and Dolly Miller as shown on the 1867 atlas of Chautauqua County and by Ephraim Barrows as shown on the 1881 atlas of Chautauqua County. In 1867, this neighborhood also consisted of Mrs. Pierce’s house lot, a blacksmith shop, and a school house.

In 1881, the neighborhood consisted of four houses, including the Barrows lot and the F.E. Pierce lot. The other two houses were shown in the name of H.D. Hart, just south of the Barrows house, and H.P. Morse, the most southerly of the four. Since the school house was not shown on the 1881 map, it may have been used as a dwelling by that time.

Lands to the west of the house lot were shown in 1881 in the name of C.T. Todd. The highway was known as the Delanti Jamestown Road, and the Truman Todd tavern and hotel known as the Delanti House stood at the main intersection. For further information, see this article and contact the Cassadaga and Stockton historical societies.

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