The Rev. Edward C. Lord
Chautauqua County, NY

By Douglas H. Shepard, 2012

††††††††††† Edward Clemens Lord was born on 22 January 1817 in Carlisle NY. His sister, Esther, had also been born there on 23 July 1812. Their father was said to have died when the children were young.

††††††††††† The family of Aaron and Armilla Lyon of Buckland MA who settled in Stockton NY in 1819 included sons Aaron E. and Franklin S., Nancy, Lucy, Mary W., Electa, Rosina, Freelove, Sophronia M., and Fanny.

††††††††††† Edward C. Lord graduated from the Theological Institute at Hamilton NY. Lucy Lyon had returned to Massachusetts to attend school and later taught at Mt. Holyoke from 1841. On 14 September 1846 she married Edward Lord. He was designated to serve as a missionary in China by the appointment of the Executive Committee of the American Baptist Missionary Union on 30 December 1846 at the Olive Street Baptist Church in New York City. On 5 January 1847 he and his new bride along with the Rev. S. Carpenter and the Rev. N. Wardner and their wives, 7th Day Adventist Baptist missionaries, sailed from New York on the ship Houqua bound for Hong Kong.

††††††††††† The Lords settled in Ningpo, China, where they had two children, both of whom died very young. Lucy herself was not well and the couple was forced to return to the U.S. probably in 1851. They settled temporarily in Pomfret with her parents. Lord presided at the marriage of Sophronia Lyon to T. H. Hickstun† in Cassadaga NY on 7 April 1852. On 3 May 1853 Lucy died and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. In September 1853 the Rev. Lord presided over the wedding of his brother-in-law Franklin Lyon to Harriet A. Johnson, and on 15 November 1853 Lord married Freelove Lyon who returned with him to Ningpo. Their daughter, Lucy L. was born at Ningpo on 10 August 1854. Freelove died by 1863 and Lord then married Jemima Bausum, the widow of a missionary from England who had three children..

††††††††††† She died on 15 January 1869 and Lord married at least once more. The Fredonia Censor of 9 November 1881 reported the death at Chefoo, China, on 28 August 1881, of Angie M. Lord, wife of† the Rev. E. C. Lord of Ningpo. He is reported to have died in China on 17 September 1887.

††††††††††† Lordís older sister Esther had married James McNeil in 1832. They were living in Carlisle NY at the time of the 1840 Census. The household in addition to James McNeil consisted of one female 10-16 years old and one female 20-30, no doubt Esther. The younger woman may have been Elis. Clemens (a niece of Estherís ? Was their motherís maiden name ďClemensĒ as in Edward Lordís middle name?)

††††††††††† The McNeils were still in Carlisle for the 1850 Census. He was 53, a wagonmaker, she 38. Also in the household was ďElis. Clemens,Ē 24, who had attended school in that year.

††††††††††† By the time of the 1860 Census James McNeil, wagonmaker, and ďHesterĒ were in Galen, Wayne County NY. The couple, who were childless, moved to Fredonia in 1868. Her obituary stated that they brought ten children with them ďand at one time or another made a home for eighteen different children.Ē The obituary goes on to refer to ďher brotherís children who were the immediate cause of her coming to Fredonia. . . .Ē The local connection was the Lyon family, the Rev. Lordís inlaws. His brother-in-law Franklin and wife had returned to the area in 1863 to care for Franklinís elderly parents. By 1865 his sisters Mary and Fanny were living in a house across from the parentsí home on the Frisbee Road. The two women had the care of the five Lord children Lucy L., 11; the twins William and Franklin, 9; Fanny A., 7; and Mary F., 5. In 1867 Franklin Lyonís mother died and he and his wife were able then to move to Morgantown WV where he was given a position as Professor of English at the University. It was then that the McNeils moved to Fredonia to take over the responsibilities for the Lord children.

††††††††††† James McNeil died on 4 February 1870 leaving Esther McNeil to carry on alone. The 1870 Census records her heading a household which included the Lord children plus William Bausum, 18; Jennie Dunham, 19, born in Siam; Sarah C. Davis, 4; and J. Cody Davis, 9. †By the 1875 Census she had adopted a Davis child as Henry McNeil, 19. Also in the household were Frank Lord, 18, a student at Rochester Union; William Lord, 18, a machinist in Dunkirk NY; Fannie A, 17; and Mary F. Lord, 14, both in school. †

††††††††††† By the time of the 1880 Census, Edward C. Lord, widower, was living in Fredonia as head of a household that included his sister, 67; her adopted son Henry, 24; Lordís two daughters, Fannie 22 and Mary , 20; plus George Bausum, 4, Lordís grandson; and boarders Wiliam Zell, 36, a minister; his wife Anna, 23; and daughter Mary, 3 months.

††††††††††† There is no record of Lordís subsequent marriage or marriages. There was an Angie Kimball, 19, living in Fredonia when he was residing here in 1880, but no further record of her marriage or death can be found. She might be the Angie Lord, wife of Edward C. Lord, who died in China in 1881.