11015 Hanover Road
Forestville, NY  14062
Town of Hanover

The homes at today’s 11015 Hanover Road and 11059 Hanover Road are located in two of the four house locations that were shown in this Holland Land Company lot on this side of the road on the 1854 Wall Map of Chautauqua County. The farm at 11015 was reputedly conveyed to Ezekial Cowen in 1833. A home at 11015 was then shown without a name in 1854, and in the name of G. E. Watrous [Gardner E. Watrous] on the 1867 Atlas of Chautauqua County and again on the 1881 Atlas of Chautauqua County. There were 75 acres shown with this home in 1881, and the lands to the south were shown as 96.5 acres in the name of J. Shearer, surrounding the school house.


A home at 11059 was shown in the name of Mrs. Gage in 1854, in the name of J. Gage in 1867, and in the name of T. Crowell in 1881. There were 20 acres of land shown with this home in 1881, and 25 acres described in deeds. North of this home in 1854, two homes were shown in the names of R. Gage and E. Gage, respectively. They were both shown in the name of E. Gage in 1867, but only one was shown in 1881, on a 198-acre farm in the name of E. Gage. The home at 11059 was conveyed in 1883 from Julia A. Crowell to Henry S. Boss (Liber 197 Page 489). Emory Gage conveyed it to George W. Harold in 1910 (Liber 355 Page 159). Later owners in the twentieth century were members of the Waterman family and members of the Horton family.


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